Remote Writing Workshop Strategies & Activities

Creating a Multimedia Journal

Download a Template

Multimedia Journal Template

My Multimedia Journal_

Step 1

Click here to download a blank response.

Step 2

Click on "File", select "Make a Copy" and "Entire presentation" and save it to your Google Drive.

Create Your Own

Create a folder within your Google Drive to hold your Multimedia Journal.

Add a Google Slides file (select "Blank Presentation") to the folder.

Rename the Google Slides file to whatever you'd like.

Create a title slide, embedding directions you want students to follow.

You can also add directions to the "Speaker Notes" section (circled in red).

Create the second slide and format the content any way you'd like, creating text boxes with embedded directions to guide students.

Make as many copies of this slide as you'd like journal entries PLUS ONE.

Return to the second slide and complete it as an example slide.

Student Sample

This is a journal one of my students completed last year. You can see the second slide is the "example slide" I created. Everything else was created by the student.

Malei Soucy - My Weekly Multimedia Journal_Spring 2020 Remote Learning


Once you have created the Multimedia Journal template you want students to complete, you have two options for sharing it with students:

Option #1 Add it to a Google Classroom assignment which will create a copy for each learner. This will also make it easy for you to check on student progress.

Option #2 Share a link to the journal. Be sure to set the sharing permissions as "View Only". They will be able to access it and make a copy of it. They won't be able to change your master.


To respond to a journal, open to the slide where you want to add a comment.

Go to the toolbar at the top and select INSERT and then COMMENT.

The entire slide will be selected and you can add your comment into the box on the right.