Remote Writing Workshop Strategies & Activities

Workshop Focus

Sharing, responding, revising and publishing are some of the key elements of a writing workshop. We will discuss how to reimagine them in a remote-learning as we explore ways to use technology to support writers throughout the writing process.

For this purposes of this workshop, we will be using Google Docs & Google Slides.

To participate, access these resources through the Google Chrome browser. We will be creating and sharing within our own Google Drives.

Workshop Goals

•Learn how to create a Multimedia Journal for students.

•Learn how to create a Digital Classroom Gallery which offers students the opportunity to publish their own work and respond to the works of others.

•Explore strategies for responding to student writing in a wholly digital environment.

Workshop Resources

Workshop Activity #1

Creating Multimedia Journals

Workshop Activity #2

Creating a Digital Classroom Gallery

Digital Handout

Responding to Student Writing.