Norm Measuring

European Norm System International

definition bridge

E N S I System

(European Norm; System International; projekting calculation and theory system for engeneering)

Key to clearness and free transformation and derivation of psysik with comprehend key to interpretation an reading of mechaniks of physic in mathematical description of derivation of metric units.

If you get that fackt descripted in mathematical way while comprehend the dynamic of the derivation; greets you are a genious.

In the Metric System

One 1dm³ is one Liter ( 1000cm³ ) wather ( molar mass H²O ),

[ 1 cubik deci meter, to one Lieter, contains the whole three dimensional mathemathiks ]

with the right temperature of (~3,89°C ( maximum density ))?,

[ the molar mass contains the weight of physikal chemikal mass in depention from temperature ]

is even one Kilo existent in the Time to basis in Seconds,

[ Time in Second is even implementet as frequency basis of particle vibration and fluency ]

in the gravity attraction in the athmosphere of the planet Earth at Pressure of sea neveau in Psi or Bar,

[the gravity contains the mass attraktion physiks and the habitat on the planet with the hight system in the atmosphere]

with the through flooding energy of light in Candela,

[ contains the physikal wave energys and the realivity theory from unforming energy ]

that is needet to keep the constant heatenergy level nieveu from the absolutly Zero in 0° Kelvin.

( The proving from Zero Kelvin atomar spin stop is aktually not knowed by me (2014.02.24) )[ Kelvin in the temperature skala is set on the absolutly zero point from photonikal atomar spin energy with zero Kelvin, where 0° Celsius set on the icing point from Wather is 273,15° Kelvin ]

[ Time in Second is still within with the Gravitation ~9,81 m/s². ]

[ Coulon for Energetic can be implement definied trough loop bridge from Light to Mass with the Relativity Theory to Energy setting to load energy in Watt. ]

{ [ (kg*m²)/s³ ] equal to [ C*m²)/s³ ] equal to [ J/s ] equal to [ Nm/s ] }

[ while sum { [ 1 / e 1,6*10^-19 ] / 1 Second = 1 Ampere } is equal to the sum 1C (Coulon) electrons, while V = Cm/s² . ]

It schould be possible to bring it in one term.

With the new math term calc programs maybe it is possible to work with the maybe for resolution exploding math formula with the 7 HARMONIK units of measurement.

The Lore of Engineering

For explanation, there is Hard- & Softwarephysiks

Hardwarephysiks for example:

1V : one Volt [ C m² / s² ] equal to [ N m / A s ] or the force of 1 Nevtonmeter per Ampeere Second


1W electric : one Volt Ampeere [ W = VA ] [ C m² / s³ ] or the force of 1 Coulon electrons pro Meter in the akkumulated power of Meter per Second in a Second pro Second

Softwarephysiks for example:

1dm³ : equal 1 Liter or 1000 cm³ ( 10 cm x 10 cm *10 cm )


3,6 (ms to kmh) konstant: Second x 60 (to Minute) x 60 (to hour) / 1000 m (for kilometers) 60x60/1000=3,6

Since the Nobel Price in Physiks from 2015 my Physikal Foundary Knewing is been owerflowed with the prove that "the Universe is expanding in highering velocity", what in base from an Exlosion in the BigBang is not possible with out the existence from external attraktors.