Rebecca Danese

Writer, photographer, illustrator, fine artist


Rebecca Danese

Rebecca Danese is another of those multi-talented, multi-faceted artists who are difficult to pin down to just one category. I call them Renaissance People and it is to that broad category I have consigned Rebecca.

She is a writer, photographer and artist who lives and works in London.

She uses a selection of Nikon cameras and lenses and writes technical articles for the photographic industry.

Having done commercial design work for some years, many of her photographs appear in promotional items for small businesses.

In 2008 she began to turn her hand to more private work including travel, street photography and particularly macro.

As an artist she works in several mediums and in various sizes, from miniature paintings up to full scale canvas paintings.

Her illustrations can be found in poetry books and her paintings can be found in private collections all over London.

She also writes, as you will discover.

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