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Ja'son Manwill

Jason is a musician (piano, guitar, drums, bass and cello), songwriter, composer and singer with a strong purpose to convey, through his music, a positive message for all generations.

He has composed for the television and film industry and this page provides just a sampling of his compositions and musical skills. For much more, please follow the links below.


His most recent composition was the song “Mother”, for the Film “Nawal The Jewel”. Composed over four days and sung by Ashley Garland, this beautiful song will touch your heart. It is available on itunes, and amazon.

Love is Creation

The song “Love is Creation” was composed by Ja’son in just one night, with the lyrics written by Shamayah Neveling and sung by Ashley Garland-Budzik . This song was based on the emails and communication that Shamayah had with her then boyfriend and later husband. She wanted to surprise him with a personal song and the end product is this beauty.

Love Is Dangerous, Just Like Dynamite

Ja’son does instrumental tracks as well. “Love Is Dangerous, Just Like Dynamite” was written for Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. This song has a powerful message and the musical chords and tone make that very pure and easy to understand. For anyone that has ever been through a breakup or knows someone that has, this song was specifically designed for you.

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