Christine Bleny

A rich, creative repertoire fueled by a powerful imagination

Meet Christine Bleny!

Christine has adopted East Grinstead, England, as her new home, although she was born in France where she had been painting for 25 years.

She learned her technique in several French ateliers (studios), originally discovering her talent when she met the art teacher & artist, Alain Maymo. She proved very quickly that she was the best student in his atelier.

She then went on to improve her portrait skills with Dejan Kotri who was himself a student of the academy of Belgrade in Serbia.

Christine has presented many exhibitions in France, Switzerland and England.

She is a figurative artist, painting in the medium of oil.

Her last exhibition was a collection of portraits, where the subjects are placed in different settings, some real, some unreal and some with an almost fairy tale quality, which gives a mysterious character to her pictures where the aesthetic and the dream occupy the space of the subject.

Her range is in fact broad and richly varied and driven by a powerful imagination. In building this page and looking for samples to whet your appetite for her work and thereby encourage you to visit her website, it was very difficult to decide what to leave out!

But, perforce, I have left out some very beautiful paintings so if you want to see them, please visit Christine now at the links below.