Lucille Femine

"Describing Lucille's work is like trying to describe a sunset. You have to immerse yourself, especially in the street scenes where romance walks you through her buildings and boulevards. The work is effortless as it unfolds and you perceive a universe of memories that it provokes. So what are you waiting for? Go look! Enjoy!" Larry Jaffe, Poet

“I started with drawing lots of people. I'd make them sit and pose for me. I was very interested in mastering the body. I'd practice one part of the body for weeks, then another. Later, at fifteen, I discovered acrylic paint and the impressionists not long after that. I get inspired by the world around me. I see every scene as a potential painting. I examine the composition, colors and especially the emotional content. There's some artists I studied on Youtube that I greatly admire, mostly watercolorists and, though I don't copy their styles, I learn quite a bit about technique. When I feel I've lost my touch, I watch one of them and that brings me back to battery.” Lucille Femine

If places have souls. then Lucille Femine's art captures them. This is just a very small sampling of her immensely powerful watercolour and acrylic paintings. For much more about Lucille and her work, please visit Art By Femine.

But Wait! Lucille also writes and now has five titles to her credit. The book shown here she wrote and illustrated. It was written to inspire children to live their dreams. To see her books, please visit the Lucille Femine Amazon page.

Let Me See What I Can Be by Lucille Femine