Enchanted Textile Design

Enchanted Textile Design is the company of Kirsteen Lyons BA (Hons). Kirsteen is a freelance textile designer.

She creates original furnishing fabric and wallpaper design, which her design house then sells to prestigious clients throughout Europe and further afield.

You might say that the aesthetic of design is beautifully imprinted on her DNA as she has been creating art and design her whole life as a designer, writer, photographer and fine artist.

She studied textile design at Heriot-Watt University, where she won two prestigious competitions.

She designed fashion fabrics for a few years, then made the switch back to interior fabrics and wallpaper and signed with a design studio in Europe.

This year she has been creating a drawing every day, just for the practice, effective relief from parenting and simply because it makes her happy. You can see some of the stunning results of that endeavour in the montage we have presented here or see a fuller account of that artistic adventure on her blog here.

So Kirteen's experience embraces a career both in-house and freelance as a designer for studios in Kent, London, New York and, presently, Europe.

That experience, combined with her devotion and flair have resulted in the creation of some stunning designs that place her at the very top of her profession. We have included a very small sampling here but to find out more about Kirsteen and the true breadth and depth of her repertoire, please pay her a visit at her Enchanted Textile Design website and Facebook Page and her blog, Feel,Create,Repeat.

With fellow DoubleDare artist, Gill Bustamante, Kirsteen has a gallery on Facebook called Art Dreams