Larry Jaffe

Purveyor of Fine Words

"Poets are the doctors of the soul! I believe in the power of poetry to change lives and heal cultures." Larry Jaffe

“If our next President was prudent, Secretary of Poetry would be a new cabinet position and Larry Jaffe would be appointed on day one. Jaffe believes what he writes and you too will believe after you read this incredible book. It has been many years since I have read a poetry book this Revolutionary. It is filled with enough weapons, ammo, and firepower to make the Texas Freedom Party salivate. But to my dismay, you won’t find this book as the next Mississippi back roads gun show. They would hate every word. This book is for healers and people who cherish peace.” Michael Ellis, Poet M.e.


Larry Jaffe

For his entire professional career, Larry Jaffe has been using his art to promote human rights. He was the poet-in-residence at the Autry Museum of Western Heritage, a featured poet in Chrysler’s Spirit in the Words poetry program, co-founder of Poets for Peace (now Poets without Borders) and helped spearhead the United Nations Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry project which incorporated hundreds of readings in hundreds of cities globally using the aesthetic power of poetry to bring understanding to the world.

He was the recipient of the Saint Hill Art Festival’s Lifetime of Creativity Award, the first time given to a poet.

He loves being a judge for the epic Arizona Poetry Contest.

He has several books of poetry in print , some of which are pictured here:

Unprotected Poetry,

Anguish of the Blacksmith’s Forge,

In Plain View

30 Aught 4

Man without Borders.

and One Child Sold, whose poems, while they address the sickness and depravity of human trafficking, nevertheless convey a message of hope and triumph for the human spirit.

Jaffe is a dedicated champion of human rights and of the campaign against human trafficking.

But this is but a brief summary that scarcely does justice to this poetic Knight Errant, one of the world's great living purveyors of fine words.

You can find Larry on Twitter or Facebook or Blue Collar Poet or his Website - so pay him a visit now!