Lloyd Ash Pyne

Creating Storybook-style Art in Original Worlds

Enjoy the breathtakingly original and innovative illustrations of Lloyd Ash Pyne as he creates entire worlds from the raw material of imagination.

I've included here a sampling of Lloyd's work. It was difficult to know what to leave out because his work and the worlds he has created are truly captivating. Yet you can be reassured that while what I have given you here is a fair sampling of the scope and power of his work, you can find much more at the links provided below - his enthralling illustrations translated into storybooks and board games and onto playing cards and gift tags.

Be warned though, once you enter this artist's world, you may never leave . . .

I thought it fitting to include alongside these samples of Lloyd's art, a short autobiography of the man himself.

Storybook-style art in Original Worlds

I grew up next to an abandoned railway cutting, chasing spooks through its undergrowth on twilit autumn nights (perhaps that is why my first colouring storybook is about a spooked woods and a valiant team-up who must brave them).

In my youth I searched for secret passages in the ruins of castles and for elves in the nooks of old trees and mossy mounds (perhaps that is why I still look for them, out of the corner of my eye . . .)

I spent much of my following years crafting worlds in an attic to the sound of wind in the eaves, the wilds of a forest a stray footstep away (perhaps that is why I am inspired by the seasons so).

I like stories and adventures and inventing worlds to be explored and have a hidden chest full of dreams - worlds, cards, storybooks, games - just waiting for a time when they might be made real and you get to see them.


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Introduction by Eric and Lara Andersen of Playing Grounded Ltd

What in the World is WoodChi?

A fair question that deserves a fair explanation. WoodChi can only be described as a conjuration flowing and teaming with life. Creator, artist, and dreamweaver Lloyd Ash Pyne has given us the esteemed privilege of being able to share with you the wealth of wonders that await in this microcosmic universe of his making.

Who is Lloyd Ash Pyne?

Now we might be a bit biased here, but we can honestly say that Lloyd is one of the brightest, creative and imaginative individuals we have been privileged to become acquainted with. A Miyazaki flair with a British air and good table manners too!)

If Lloyd had been living in the times of Tolkien and Lewis, his works would be adored and loved as theirs is today. Lloyd has totally original characters, ideas, and worlds of wonder built in his mind. He is thus pretty much an undiscovered prodigy. We invite you to see his world and check out what could be something that could brighten your life if just a little more than it is now.