Mandeep Birdy

A painter and mural artist continually inspired by culture


Mandeep Birdy

Surrounded with a culture that is driven by hard work, so I try to always sharpen up my skill and techniques. My paintings are often mixed media, rich in texture and depth.

I think it's the coolest thing to make something potentially completely two-dimensional into something which gives the illusion of a three-dimensional image and draws in the viewer.

Currently my work is very figurative and includes imagery inspired by iconic sculptures of India and full of qualities like; truth, strength, compassion, benevolence, wisdom, competence, power, courage . . .

I am a spiritual person and love to paint the kinds of things we aspire to be.

I love learning and the simple passion of translating ideas into a physical form . . . anything creative inspires me; music, film, stories, legends. People inspire me; their attitude, manner and character. I think those works that are successful in imbuing personality, are genuinely the most successful at being an art. Those artists that can to do that, I find incredible in terms of their skill and ability to communicate from a potentially very static and lifeless artform, which actually becomes something that stimulates an emotional response from the viewer

I've always loved art that is really and simply just good art. Work that reflects what the artist wants to say and what the viewer feels.

Communication of thoughts... if an art can do that, I think that's pretty amazing.

I use art to support raising awareness of Human Rights. (

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