The Murder of Marcy Conrad

Marcy Conrad

On Nov 3rd, 1981, Marcy Conrad, a 14-year-old 9th Grader at Russell Junior High School in Milpitas Ca, decided to ditch her afternoon classes and go hang out with her friend, Anthony Jacques Broussard, a 16-year-old who went to Milpitas High School. From this decision, Marcy will lose her life and not be found for 2 more days. This story, because of what happened in between Marcy’s Death and until she is found, became a national discussion that inspired a Hollywood movie and took extreme paths which seemed to lose sight that a 14-year-old girl, who had a future ahead of her, lost it all.

Marsh Road

This was the place where Marcy's body was killed and disposed of, as well as the place that local kids from her school came to see her body.

Golfland Pizza Arcade

Common hangout for Marcy and her group of friends.

Marcy's High School

This is the place where the rumor spread and drew more classmates and kids from the area to go see Marcy's body.

Anthony Jacques Broussard

The 16 year old had been friends with Marcy Conrad since they were young before he raped and killed her and threw her body near a river on Marsh Road.

Marcy Conrad's Obituary

Rivers Edge

This was the film that was inspired by the murder of Marcy Conrad. While the directors has said that he only used this murder as inspiration, there are quite a few similarities between the film and actual events. This is considered by many to be a film showing the darker side of teen life int he 80's.

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