Jane Doe #40

The Victim

Reconstruction by NCMEC & Carl Koppelman via the Doe Network

Jane Doe #40

On May 28, 1974, an unknown woman was found on the western end of Alamitos Beach. The location of the body was described as partially in the "surge surf." She had been raped, strangled and left on the beach sometime during the night. She had no identification on her persons or near her on the beach. No one came forward to claim the victim of murder and she didn't match missing persons reports. Her murder would go unsolved for 39 years.

Despite finding her murderer, police do not now the identity of Jane Doe #40 and continue to search for her identity. On the morning she was found she was wearing a pink or peach capri suit, a black faux fur coat with bronze buttons, bikini panties with strawberry print and calf length black, suede boots. On her hand was a white-gold "engagement" ring with a small diamond. She also had two keys in her pocket attached to a broken key ring. One of the keys is believed to be a house key and the other was small and would fit a padlock.

She is physically described as a woman whose age is anywhere from late teens, early twenties or possibly in her thirties. She had dark long hair and was possibly white or hispanic. She was five feet, five inches tall, 118 pounds with brown eyes and a small scar in a "t-shape" on her left hand.

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The Location

Alamitos Beach

Jane Doe #40's body was found murdered on Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, CA. It was found south of the Villa Riviera located at 800 E Ocean Blvd. and near a jetty they owned at the time. The area itself has changed since 1974 and now has volleyball courts and a marina. It is very close to other areas of interest in Long Beach, especially at the time.

Long Beach

RMS Queen Mary

Broadway Street

The Murderer

Gary Stamp

In 2013, detectives were lead to a witness to Jane Doe #40's murder in 1974. This witness, now living in Texas, admitted to police that he had assisted her murderer in disposing of her body on Alamitos Beach. He also told police that a man who was still living in Long Beach was her murderer. His name was Gary Stamp. Stamp admitted to murdering Jane Doe #40 but did not remember or know her name though he believed it may have been "Anna" or "Ana." Stamp was arrested and at arraignment he pleaded non guilty. Quickly after his arraignment he died of cancer. A trial never happened and he was never held responsible for the callous acts of rape and murder.

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