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In Children of Thunder we briefly spoke about Deprogramming. This bonus episode gives more of the back story of how it got started.

Take a look at the mysterious sightings, history, and lore behind the Fresno NightCrawler . First sighted in South Fresno in 2007 in a front yard. This episode will delve into the eyewitness accounts as well as our own theories of what this mysterious creature could be. Listen to this Halloween Special and you decide.

It's a Fun Thanksgiving Episode! We discuss our personal Thanksgiving traditions, some California Traditions and talk about the history of one of California's biggest parades in El Cajon, CA

Sean interviews Calaveras Enterprise journalist Dakota Morlan on her experience covering the murder of Christina Karlsen in 1991 and the subsequent trial of Karl Karlsen.

A monster roams the hills of Ventura County lives a terrifying monster who roams the countryside preying on hikers and teens. This monster of myth is half man half goat and created in a mad scientist's secret government laboratory deep in the underground tunnel that lay beneath a bucolic dairy along a deserted country road deep in Ventura County.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 29, 1900, 23 men and boys would fall to their deaths and many more hurt in San Francisco, CA. There to watch the Big Game, a football game between rivals Stanford and Cal Berkeley, these victims would instead become part of America's largest sports disaster.

In 1925 the carcass of an unknown beast washed ashore during a cold night in Santa Cruz, CA. The creature’s giant head, long neck and strange look was unlike any known animal. This creature, who would come to be known as Moore’s Beach Monster, and despite it’s actual identity, become another story in a piece of folklore that can be found around the world: that of a great water monster inhabiting our oceans, seas and lakes. In this Halloween episode of California True Crime we share the history of Moore’s Beach Monster.

There are just some stories of California history that are special because they could only happen here. The Hollywood Christmas Parade is one such event. With the magic of a traditional Christmas event, complete with lights and snow, that you can find around the United States combined with the magnificence of movie special effects, stars and budgets, you have something truly unique. In this episode we cover the history of the parade that was the precursor to similar events around the country: The Hollywood Christmas Parade.