The Murder of Janet Stallcup

Janet Stallcup

Janet Stallcup was just 19 years old when her life was cut short by a man whose short criminal history points to at least one more victim and possibly many more had he not died in 1977. Stallcup was a hard worker who cared about her family and others. She wanted to be a nurse and work with children.

Reward Poster that was circulated at the time of the kidnapping and murder based on the eyewitness description of two men in the area.

Mr. and Mrs. Stallcup at Press Conference

Janet's parents appealing for the return of their daughter at a press conference in the early days of her disappearance.

Newspaper notice of thanks from the Stallcup family to the local Garden Grove community for the support and love that were shared during this tragedy.

Composite Sketch of Suspect

What do you think about the efficacy of composite pictures in finding suspects? Do you think that these two images are close enough to help or do they send the police down rabbit holes that can mislead an investigation?

Terry Dean Hawkins

Terry Dean Hawkins lived and worked in Garden Grove at the time of the murder. He was a mechanic with a history of criminality. Those crimes included a DUI, indecent exposure, drug charges and weapons charges.

On July 4, of 1977, police arrested Hawkins at the beach in Newport Beach at 9:39 pm for being under the influence of drugs. On July 5, 1977, Hawkins ate dinner and went back to his cell. At 8:35pm when they tried to get him up they found him deceased. Paramedics were called and they tried to revive him for 30 minutes before taking him to UCI Medical Center. He was pronounced dead from “undetermined causes.” At the time of his death he was 26 years old and lived on Russell Ave in Garden Grove just less than two miles from where his victim Janet Stallcup was found. He is also buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery.

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