Cannie Bullock

The Murder of Cannie Bullock

Cannie Bullock via SF Gate

The Victim

Cannie Bullock was 8 years old on August 24, 1979, when she went missing from her home in San Pablo, CA. Early in the morning of August 25th, police found her in the backyard, covered by a blue-floral blanket, and murdered. It would take 23 years for the police to make an arrest when a DNA sample from the crime scene matched to Joseph Cordova Jr. in Colorado. In 2007, Cordova received the death penalty. In 2015, Cordova was found deceased in his jail cell and is believed to have died because of Covid-19.

Satellite pic of Bullock Home via Google Maps

The Crime Scene

Cannie Bullock lived with her mother, and a friend, on Dover Ave in San Pablo. They lived in a 2 bedroom "garage" in the backyard of the home.

Map from Bullock home to 23rd Street via Google Maps

Tulare Advance Register, August 8, 1996 via

William Flores of San Pablo, CA was the main suspect in Cannie Bullock's case for many years. Eventually, his DNA would be tested as a possible match against DNA found at the scene. It would not match. Despite not having murdered, or hurting Cannie in any way, in 1983, Flores committed suicide.

Joseph Cordova Jr. in 1996/97 via SF Gate

Joseph Cordova Jr. at trial via East Bay Times

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