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We focus on the Bay Area. This story deals with dismemberment, Mormonism, and Brazilian oprhans. This is the story of The Children of Thunder.

On the morning of November 11th, 1988, detectives were at the home of a local woman who ran a boarding house for at risk senior citizens. What law enforcement would find over the course of a week would capture the attention of the nation and cause a manhunt that would span three states, two countries, and end with one of the most notorious female serial killers in American history.

On November 17th, 2010, Ronni Chasen was shot four times while waiting at a stoplight in Beverly Hills. Even though this is a closed cased, it does not seem to sit well with most. Join us as we go through the details and evidence of the murder of Ronni Chasen.

We discuss The Keddie Murders. An unsolved quadruple homicide tucked away in a small town of Northern California.

Emma Ledoux was convicted of murdering Albert McVIcar in Stockton, CA in 1906 and sentenced to hang at San Quentin. In this episode we cover his murder, the ensuing publicity, the search by police for evidence and the trial of the century, all of which leads us to even more questions.

This is the story of an often overlooked part of California History and the man that ruled the streets of Chinatown with an ironfist and was cut down by an assassin's bullet. Fong “Little Pete” Ching was one of the most powerful and famous men in late 1800’s California that you probably have never heard of.

In 1979, Modesto, CA was a city experiencing a population explosion & massive urbanization. In the midst of this, in a residential neighborhood, the terrible murder of Michael Ridenour on a baseball field would lead investigators on a 17 month long hunt for a murderer, who once caught, would escape San Quentin State Prison and would see his life end when returned to the prison.

In this Bonus Episode, we cover the triple murder of Michael, Marcy and Jennifer Jacobs in their home in the Land Park Area of Sacramento. Murdered in 1991, their deaths remain unsolved.

On Halloween night 1984 in San Jose the brutal murder of Doreen Erbert would change the lives of her husband and daughter forever. Her ex-husband, William Michael Dennis would go to jail for the crime and sits on death row today. We discuss this horrendous crime, the trial and some of California’s impediments to the death penalty including court cases and the proposition system.

In Costa Mesa in 1991, Thanksgiving would take on a sinister tone and would come to represent the brutal slaying of William Nelson by his wife Omaima Nelson. We explore the crime, the courtroom drama, and the media frenzy that surrounded this case.

On Sept 17th, 2006, in a small unincorporated community of riverside county, three people lost their lives to what looked at first to be a fire of accidental nature. Upon further investigation we see a horrendous triple homicide that would not have full closure until twelve years later.

On December 4, 1972, Kenneth Parnell went to Merced and kidnapped Steven Stayner. This is an in-depth 13 part series detailing not only the crime but also social, legal, and cultural impact of this crime and the heroic act of Steven Stayner, saving Timothy White.

A two part discussion of the murders of Carol and Juli Sund, Silvina Pelosso, and Joie Armstrong, by Cary Stayner. As well as the manhunt through the foothills and central valley, his capture, confession, and trial.