Fresno Nightcrawler

Segment of Original Video Footage of Fresno Pants / Nightcrawlers

Original Univision Report

This was the report that was made after Jose, the eye witness, first took his footage to Univision to find out if they could tell him what had walked through his yard.

Victor Comacho

Paranormal Researcher and radio host of Los Develaos first person to look into the Fresno Pants story

Comacho's Original MUFON presentation

This is a clip from Comacho's MUFON presentation on the original siting and interview with Jose (Eyewitness)

This is the episode taken from YouTube instead of paying for it off of Comcast On Demand. Let us know what you think.

Micheal Banti

Curator of Weird Fresno Website

Website and Blog detailing Paranormal occurrences from Fresno and the surrounding areas

2011 Yosemite Nightcrawler Video

This was the video that was made four years after the SCFY channel's Fact or Faked show on the Nightcrawler. Notice how the creature move differently than the original video in Fresno.