Nicole & Arianna Fitts

Pic of Arianna and Nicole Fitts via SFPD

Disappearance & Murder

On April 1, 2016, 32 year old Nicole Fitts went missing from San Francisco, CA. At the time, Nicole was living in the Mission and working at a Best Buy on Harrison Street. On the day she went missing she worked her shift, then went to a mall with a friend, stopped at a 7-11 to take cash out of an atm, and picked up a pizza at Pizza Hut. After going home she settled in for a movie when she received a call around 9:00pm. She told her room mate that this call was from “the babysitter” who wanted to meet. Nicole was in the process of getting her daughter, 2 year old Arianna Fitts, back from a “babysitter” who had watched her while she worked long hours. This was about to change and Nicole had told the sitter that she wouldn’t need to watch Arianna after April 2nd. Nicole left her home to meet this person at BJ’s Restaurant, dressed in her blue Best Buy shirt, boarded a Muni bus and never returned.

At 1:13 am a Facebook post coming from Nicole Fitts’ account was posted, it read “Spending time with my 3 year old need this brake.” The word brake was spelled incorrectly. Nicole’s family have doubts about Nicole writing this post because her daughter was 2 years old at the time and because the word “brake” was misspelled. Nicole was fastidious about spelling and grammar.

Nicole’s roommate also received a strange text message from her during the night she went missing. This message said that she was going to Fresno with a friend named Sean. Neither her roommate or her family knew of a friend Nicole had named Sean nor did she have a car.

Nicole was a hard worker who often took extra shifts at Best Buy but on April 2nd & April 3rd she didn’t show up to work. Nicole’s family came to San Francisco and reported her missing to police. While investigating police also realized that Nicole’s daughter, Arianna Fitts had not been seen by anyone in the family since February 2016. Arianna had been staying with a babysitter while Nicole worked and found a place for them both to live. Nicole had been trying for 6 weeks to get her daughter back from the people who she trusted to watch her child. For weeks they wouldn’t let Nicole see her daughter and she was desperate to get her back. The names of these people according to the SF Weekly and the Charley Project are Siolo Hearne, Helena Martin and Devin Martin. On the day Nicole went missing she had planned to move her daughter in with her in the Mission. In light of this, police realized both Nicole and Arianna were missing.

Then on April 8th, 2016, Nicole’s body was found murdered in McLaren Park in San Francisco. Her body had been put in a hole and covered with a piece of plywood that police think the murderer brought with them. This plywood had a unique painting on it. Arianna Fitts was not found with her and is considered still missing.

The San Francisco Police Department are offering a $100,000 reward for information about Nicole Fitts’ murder and for information about her missing daughter Arianna Fitts. There is also a $10,000 reward put forth by Best Buy.

When she went missing Arianna Fitts was 2 years old. According to the Charley Project she is african-american, was born on September 6, 2013, was 2 feet tall and 45 pounds. She had black hair and brown eyes. She would now be 6 years old, and seven in September of this year. We will put pictures of her on our social media and website including an age progression photo of what she might look like now.

Her family is desperately hoping to find Arianna and find answers in Nicole’s death. We’ll have more information on this crime up on our site including a picture of the plywood that was covering Nicole’s body. Police hope someone will recognize the paintings on the front of it.

Arianna Fitts Missing persons via FBI

Plywood found covering Nicole Fitts body via the Charley Project

Photo Progression of Arianna Fitts via the Charley Project

If you have any information on Arianna or Nicole Fitts please contact the San Francisco Police Department at 415-553-0123 or the FBI at 415-553-7400.

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