Marilyn Cazares

Marilyn Cazares, picture taken from NBC news report on the crime.

If you have any information on the Murder of Marilyn Cazares call the Brawley Police Department at

(760) 344-2111

Marilyn Cazares, 22 of Brawley CA, was found dead at 8:30 AM by firefighters that were responding to a fire near an abandoned house in the 1100 block of Main Street. Cazares’ body was found when the house was checked due to its closeness to the fire. Her death is considered a homicide but there has been no suspects reported as of yet, nor a motive for Marilyns murder. Her family will point to her being a trans woman of color as the reason for her murder.

Police will not comment on the cause of her death. It has been reported that there was trauma to Marilyn with no sign of gunfire. They will also state that they are not ruling out the idea that the fire of the couch is in someway linked to the murder.

Marilyn Cazares has been out for about five years. Aubrey Cazares, Marilyn’s younger brother would say “He was my big brother. She became my big sister later on, but she was my big brother in my heart," Aubrey will tell a story of Marilyn punching someone that was bullying Aubrey. He describes his sister as someone that dealt with bullying with optimism and a confidence that she would carry on into her adulthood. She loved to play baseball and basketball, but an attention deficit disorder had a damaging effect on her schooling and eventually would prompt her to drop out of High School. She wanted to become a registered nurse despite this set back, like others of her family. She was a woman that dealt with drug addiction and lived on and off on the streets. Marilyn would often say, when offered help by family, that the streets were where she felt accepted . Aubrey Cazares, called Marilyn's killing "a hateful thing to do" and said she "deserves justice. What happened ... was a tragedy."

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