The Murder of

Idema Cerney

Idema Cerney

In 2017, the CDC released a report that noted that more than half of female homicide victims in the United States were killed by intimate partners. While a lot of the focus of crime reporting, especially in the true crime community, might be on stranger kidnappings, or stranger murders these crimes often distract us from the truth that you are more likely to be harmed by someone you know and for at least half of those victims by someone they are married to, dating or are related to. We’ve certainly covered our fair share of stranger crimes but in this episode we discuss the horrifically violent murder of Idema Cerney by her husband Gus Cerney in 1932.

Mojave Desert

The desolate and isolated desert outside of Victorville CA, is where a prospector found the body of Idema Cerney after she had been brutally murdered by her husband and discarded. If not for this prospector, Idema might never have been found and Gus would have gotten away with murder.

House where police suspected Gus murdered Idema before disposing of her body in the Mojave Desert.

Gus Cerney

Jack Yelvington

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