Season 2

In May of 2002, a pregnant Evelyn and her 5 year old son Alex Hernandez went missing in San Francisco. In July of 2002, part of Evelyn’s body was found near the Bay Bridge and police opened a homicide case. Though Alex has never been found, he and his unborn brother are considered both deceased by SFPD. We talk about the details of the murder, the lack of media attention and attempt to spread the word in this 18 year old cold case.

During the summer of 1991, a small area in East L.A. experienced five robbery, kidnapping, murders that would set the entire area on edge. In this two part series we cover the crimes, the victims, the towns of West Covina & the City of Industry and finally the capture of four murderers.

On February 6, 1973, friends of 79 year old Ida Stine became worried when she didn’t answer her phone for two days. A neighbor in Capitola, CA would find her murdered and set off a search for a killer that would take a surprising turn. We cover the victim’s life, the murder, Santa Cruz in the 1970’s and the trial.

On December 27, 1986, 20 year old Cara Knott went missing while driving home to El Cajon from her boyfriend's house in Escondido on the I-15 in San Diego County. She was found murdered the next day. In 1988, a California Highway Patrol Officer was sentenced to 25 years to life for her murder.

In August of 1991, Marina Ruggiero drove with her family to San Luis Obispo, CA from their home in San Pedro, CA to attend a wedding. This weekend would change their lives forever when Marina would be murdered in her hotel room. This case is still unsolved and there are many questions left unanswered.

On August 24, 1979, Cannie Bullock was murdered in her home in San Pablo, CA. It took 20 years to find and hold her murderer responsible. In 2020, her killer would die on death row due to Covid-19.

This episode will detail the murder of Ilona Flint, Salvatore and Gianni Belvedere as well as the manhunt for the killer Carlo Mercado, the struggle to find a motive and the trial that follows.

Denise Lampe was 19 years old when she was murdered in 1976 at Serramonte Mall in Daly City, CA. With little evidence her case remained unsolved for decades. Once considered part of a series of murders called the Gypsy Hill Murders, everything changed when a small spot of DNA was found on her jacket.

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An impromptu conversation about the recent murder of Sarah Everard and how it relates to violent crimes perpetrated by police in America. California True Crime discusses the issues that have been highlighted by this murder and connections to the Cara Knott case covered in an earlier episode, as well as some startling statistics on the rates of violence against women by police officers in uniform and some of the systemic issues that are in place that act as a roadblock to studying, and ultimately stopping these types of crimes.

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In the early morning hours of Oct 4th 2002 four men, who were hosting a house party in a quiet Newark, CA suburb, took part in the slaying of a 17yr old girl. They would beat, strangle, and eventually kill Gwen Araujo for the crime of being born in the wrong body. In this episode we look at the life of Gwen and the community that she grew up in. We also discuss some of the history of the fight for Trans Rights here in California.

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On May 28, 1974, Jane Doe #40 was found, raped and murdered, on Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, CA. Investigators were unable to find any details on the identity of the unknown woman. After 39 years, detectives in Long Beach were able to repoen her case and track down her murderer. One question still remains: Who was the victim?

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On January 27, 1970, the Central Valley National Bank in Hughson, CA was robbed by two professional bank robbers. Two Stanislaus County Sheriff Deputies responded to the crime and after a shootout, Sheriff Billy Joe Dickens was killed. This crime led to one of the biggest manhunts in California history.

In a community in sunny California, with retirees who are ready to relax in their golden years, are hit with a dark cloud that covered them in 1994. In only a short time, an area in Riverside County was ravaged by a woman who took lives with what seems to be no care at all. In this episode of California True Crime, we talk about Dana Sue Gray.

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In 1981, Sonia Herok Stone was found murdered in her home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. The investigation led to the arrest of Michael Glazebrook and to a mistrial. In August of 2021, investigators have used DNA to make another arrest in this terrible crime.

On a warm afternoon in 1998, the Martinez family arrived at the Parnell ranch, outside of Auburn California, to help out a relative and spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Their pleasant Sunday would end with the brutal slaying of most of the family including two small children, as well as the rape and beating of their mother.