Florence Hackney

Florence was well known and liked in the small community where she had lived for 30 years. She was active in the community and her local church. She left behind a daughter and son, three grandchildren and one great grandchildren. She also left a community that has never stopped looking for the person or persons that are responsible.

On the night of September 9th, in the small town of Fillmore California, the body of 90 year old Florence Hackney was found dead in her home. She was discovered by her daughter, Margaret Haskell, who lives just a block away and was checking on her mother after going to dinner with her husband. Margaret will say that she originally thought that her mother was unconscious and called the police as soon as she discovered her mother, who was then rushed to the hospital, where she would be pronounced dead by strangulation. Later the coroner's report will state that she was raped before her death. There was nothing missing from the house and the police have no motive for why someone would want to harm Florence. At the time there were some fingerprints found at the scene but it was not released if these were Florence, her families, or possibly the murderers. They also looked into the possible connection to a burglary of an unoccupied home across the street that was broken into earlier in the week, but this too did not yield any results.

Ventura Sheriff's Office

If you have any information regarding Florence’s murder, no matter how insignificant, please contact the Ventura County Cold Case Unit at (805) 383-8704 or coldcase@ventura.org.