The Kidnapping of Ilene Beth Misheloff

Dublin Police Chief Holmes Statement on 1989 Disappearance of Ilene Misheloff

Statement from Mr. Micheloff on the 1989 Disappearance of Daughter, Ilene Misheloff

Dublin, CA

The City of Dublin has long been known as a crossroads of the San Francisco Bay Area. Dublin is located at the crossroads of two major highways: Interstate 580 and Interstate 680. With Dublin at the center, important road connections led north to Martinez and Contra Costa county, south to San Jose and Santa Clara county, east to Stockton and the East Coast, and west to Hayward, Oakland, and San Francisco.' Taken from Dublin City Website

Three Abductions in Area

The bay area was the site of three high profile abductions during this time. The thought that it was possibly connected. This thought has persisted. Anytime headway is made on one of the cases it has led investigators to recheck to see if there is anything that can shed light on the truth on those cases that are still unsolved.

Dublin Police Missing Persons Poster

Examples of two of the millions of posters that were created and distributed in the last 30 years in the hopes that someone, somewhere would be able to shed some light on this mystery. The posters that are being shared now also have age advancement done to show what Ilene might possibly look like today.

FBI Missing Persons Poster

Ilene Misheloff Photo Agree Progression to Help with Current Identification

Volunteers helping to get the work out

The Misheloff family set up a volunteer center that was charged with getting the word about the Ilene's kidnapping and print and distribute flyers to everywhere that would take them. Over 2 million flyers were sent out from this center. These volunteers were not paid and were from the greater Dublin area. The Misheloff have acknowledge the help and support the volunteers have always given in their time of need.

Misheloff family and Dublin residents on at the yearly candlelight vigil and memorial walk

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