James Pascual Rodrigues

Images of James before he went missing

Area where James' body was found.

On the afternoon of August 6. In a canal near Peaceful Valley Road, PG&E workers who were working near the canal were clearing some debris when they found the submerged body of a man. The man was partially clothed with his feet bound together, his hands however were not restrained. He would be identified as Jame Pascual Rodriguez. Investigators say that he had been in the water for around a week before he had been found. They will also state that due to the head trauma that he suffered they are looking into his death as a murder. He was often found in the North San Juan area of Nevada County, which is north of Nevada City along Highway 49. They are looking for any information or witnesses that might have seen James in the last week of July that can help turn up any information that helps in the investigation.

Anyone who has more information about Rodriquez or the homicide is asked to contact the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 1-800-AA-CRIME