Motion and Time-Based Art

VIS 2: Intro to Art Making, Winter 2021

Instructor: Dino Dinco | TAs: beck haberstroh & Isidro Pérez García

This gallery represents only some of our favorite performance pieces made during Winter 21’s VIS 2 Introduction to Art: Motion and Time-based Art class. Remarkably, most of our students are majoring in disciplines outside of Arts & Humanities and for many, this was their first studio art class. To take on a performance art studio class as an intro to making art is no mean feat, one further challenged during a time when bodies can’t safely be together in real space to learn, explore, and exhibit. I applaud all of our students for pushing themselves outside their comfort zones and rising to the challenge of thinking and using the body as canvas and material. I am truly proud of you and the development and work that you created for class. I also want to extend my thanks and appreciation to my intrepid TAs, beck and Isidro, for their hard work, sense of humor, focus, and generous support.


Alicia Zhang_Performance 5.mp4

Alicia Zhang, Performance 5, 2021

Zimri Zapata_Yung Foie Gras_nomusic.mp4

Zimri Zapata, Yung Foie Gras, 2021

Bridgitte Barrera_End

Bridgitte Barrera, End Endometriosis, 2021

Yuliia Borodavka, Energy, 2021

Diana Lara-Quintero, From Start to Finish, 2021

J.C._(un)packing .mp4

J.C., (un)paking, 2021

Karina Sevilla, The Pain of Higher Learning, 2021

Natalie Mann, You can hit a woman as long as it’s consensual?, 2021

David Wong, Superhero Squabbles, 2021

Jose Santacruz, Limits (on either end)- interrogation 1, 2021

Kat Edejer, News Report, 2021


William Fraser, 524,000 + , 2021

Taylor Smith and Chloe Kurihara, Bodies, 2021

Fnu Danzenglamu_Vis2_P#3.mp4

Fnu Danzenglamu, Untitled, 2021

Ian Guzman_Untitled (Spit Piece), Class copy.mp4

Ian Guzman, Untitled (Spit Piece), 2021

Leah Ho, Untitled, 2021

Andre Modolo, Untitled, 2021

Tert Soriano, Fishes in 2021, 2021

Azalea Segura-Mora, Untitled, 2021