Brandon Brown

Blending real and current life situations with things of this world, creating new vibrant natural "REAL fictional" creations. Having the ability to create in many different forms of art, I use visual arts to speak in ways that are hard to express in other forms of art. Using vibrant color to catch the viewer's eye, I bring the viewer in so they can get a deeper understanding of the world and their lives that they are hidden from. Little do we know, we're all connected, and are also connected to the world as the world is connected to us. Within my creations I would like to enlighten viewers to the lost life of the past and the future moving the world back to the connection alignment giving us access to the future of the next life we will all one day live in.

Life of The One, 2020
Water to The Seed, 2020
Power of The Hand, 2019
Fly With The Trees, 2019
Choose; Your World or Theirs?, 2019