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10th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts hosted the 10th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Awards online. All 25 submissions and trailers can be viewed below. The Ceremony was streamed on YouTube at 6pm on May 15th, 2020, and featured video statements from the Dean of the Division of Arts & Humanities, the Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, friends of the Kamil family, and the awards committee. The committee announced the honorable mentions, runners up, and the winner of the Kamil Media Awards. The winning video was then screened in the same YouTube stream. A private reception was held over Zoom with the Kamil family, friends, and the prize winners. Thank you for joining us for this special event honoring the work of our talented Undergraduate students!

Awards Ceremony: May 15, 2020, 6 p.m. https://youtu.be/a1RuIBreqss

Winner of the 10th Annual Adam D. Kamil Media Award:

"Bedmates" by Sijing Yang, Lenti Liang, and Yangcheng Yu

Bedmates is a documentary that tells the love story between two people. The year of 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Qide Yang and Yuxian Gao's marriage. Back in 1970, fifty years ago, China was experiencing Cultural Revolution. Families were divided into five classes according to the amount of land they owned: landlord, rich peasant, middle peasant, poor peasant and farmhand. The Cultural Revolution was seen as a proletarian revolution, and the landowning families were one of the main objects of criticism. Both Yuxian Gao, from a landlord's family, and Qide Yang, from a rich peasant's family, have become targets in this revolution. Gao and Yang got married after meeting for only several times on the recommendation of a matchmaker due to their similar class status. The long-lasting union of Gao and Yang gives them three daughters and now great-grandchildren. The secrets hidden in fifty years of marriage are as hard to explain as the state of a marriage implied by words like Bedmates. The purpose of the documentary is both to explore the impact of the Cultural Revolution on the marital relationships of countless other Chinese families like Gao and Yang, and, in turn, to try to reveal a small part of the Cultural Revolution era from the perspective of a family.

Runners Up:

"The Power Of Words" by Conrad Jones

“Queen of The Night” by Madeline Rackerby

The Babette Mangolte Prize for Excellence with 16mm:

فنجان "Fenjan" by Dalida Rached

Honorable Mentions:

"Borderlands" by Karina Melchor, Nalani Tran, Mary Stang

"Las Jornadas: An Excerpt from Encuentros Disidentes" by Xelestiál Moreno-Luz

"LLOYD" by Trae Whyte

"Pinakbet" by Antonia Lorenzo

2020 Submissions

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"2419" by Jieying Li & Xiaotong Chen

"Antidote" by Yuezan (Edward) Shi

“CATFISH” by Keywan Tafteh

“Commute” by Zackary Szabo

"CoronaVacation" by Vincent Casciani & Eric Boone

"The Game of Fortune" by Lenti Liang, Rui Zhang, Zheng Li

"Home Sweet Home" by Jonathan Heske

"An Intergalactic Discussion on Love" by Isaiah Maylad

"Janus" by Abel Guan

"Judge by Appearance" by David Lianghaozhi Shi

萱花椿树 "Miscedence" by Shuyue Su

"Past-Time" by Daxuan Wu & Sophie Truong

"Peace of Mind" by Yuqi Cao & Xiaolan He

"Shadow" by Yuchen Gao

“Space Song” by Elijah Sol Martinez

"Verblist 1860/2020" by YanYu

"The Worlds of the Aximen Galaxy" by Sarah Fuchs

2020 Kamil Awards Trailers