Lucie Samarkova

I am an observer, intrigued by the world full of wonders around me. I explore its details, nature, simple everyday objects, colors, light and shadow, harmony, geometry, contrast, juxtaposition, architecture, irony, and ultimately order that underlines our seemingly chaotic universe.

I am a solo adventurer who likes to immerse in different cultures. I also search for my identity, trying to make sense as I connect the dots of my European upbringing with the Hollywood obsessed American society.

I am a collector of pretty much everything that can fit in my small apartment, from natural artifacts, souvenirs from my travels, thrift store bargains, textured packaging material to found objects I believe could be used in a future project. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that I enjoy upcycling materials and objects and giving them a new life in my collages and assemblages. I love to mix and match various textures, colors and surfaces.

I enjoy the meditative part of art making, being in the flow - absorbed in the creative process, experiencing a feeling of control and enjoyment. It is exhilarating and satisfying to see the work slowly taking shape, that with the combination of inspiration, tools and my hands (and the occasional happy accident) I am able to create something of aesthetic value. Additionally, the final product may bring joy every time it is seen. I do not limit myself to one style, concept or medium and like to experiment with eclectic techniques.

Expectations, 2019
Transformation, 2020
End of an Era (post-pandemic), 2020
Brain v. Soul, 2020
Untitled (diptych), 2019