Senior Media

Spring 2020

Alexis Metz-Szedlacsek, Ashley Larson, Brendan Wilson, Caleb Andrews, Hope Koyama, Kerisa Lin, Madeline Rackerby, Mary Stang, Maxwell Kelly, Nalani Tran, Sijing Yang, Somaly Son, Trae Whyte, Xelestiál Moreno-Luz, Yuchen Gao

Mary StangOn Looking

On Looking is a formal study of the mundanity and distortion of our everyday surroundings during periods of isolation and confinement. 

Brendan Wilson

Hope Koyama

Trae WhyteLLOYD

Xelestiál Moreno-LuzCare, Grief, and Pandemia – Queer and Trans Affections on Film

Kerisa LinRaguel

Nalani TranWaves

Maxwell KellyIn Event of Moon Disaster

Alexis Metz-SzedlacsekDerma Photo


Alexis Metz-SzedlacsekFruit

Caleb AndrewsAllunova

Caleb AndrewsBody + Nature

Yuchen GaoCreepy Dishes

Yuchen GaoAirport Sights

Ashley LarsonDeaf Gain

Ashley LarsonXena - An Index

Madeline Rackerbyclubbing while blood runs in the streets

Madeline RackerbyQueen of the Night

Somaly SonSince 1994

Somaly SonUnwarranted Visitation

Sijing YangThe Other Half

My photography project The Other Half consists mainly two sets of photos. One is the photographs of my grandparents I took using means of documentary and staged photography, and the other half is the photographs they took for each other using a point-and-shoot camera. Photos taken by me will be printed on larger sheets of paper, while photos taken by my grandparents will be printed in 4"x6" sizes.

At the beginning, the purpose of this project was to explore the relationship between my grandparents, which I see as unreciprocated and I define as my grandmother’s unrequited love to my grandfather. But the presence of the camera in the relationship changes something. When I hold the camera, it is cold, judgmental and critical, it is even arrogant, it is an outsider. When I hand the camera to their hands, the role of the camera changes. It starts to have emotions and becomes an agency for communication between them. This is where the other half of the relationship emerges and where the title comes into being. Sometimes we only see half the truth, and this project hopes to try to admit the complexity of a relationship, or any relationships. –Sijing Yang