William Deeley

If I were to describe my role as an artist, it would be to challenge or engage the viewer to form their own conclusion about my work with the hope that it elicits deeper thought of current climates. I like to think no matter how figurative or abstract my work is, a viewer will always place something in regards to story or emotion, even history, on an artwork. So why not work with that. I place a lot of thought into my work, maybe even whole narratives, but the joy I get from it all are the stories I get from others.

Many of my influences come from the movies or tv shows I’ve seen, books I’ve read, or just my plain old imagination. Specifically I admire the worlds created in science fiction and fantasy media in regards to technology or overall emotional state of people as they advance. I also can’t help but get inspired by works from Lovecraft or similar creators of other worldly things and the uneasy feeling the unknown gives us. These inspirations in my art may be presented as mostly the negative effects of these concepts, especially in regards to technology, as I believe the further we advance the less human we become. This is a very arrogant claim on my part, but it is simply an opinion that I enjoy putting into my art. Again, it is the ideas of the viewer that truly fuel and shape my understanding of my own piece.

The Masks We Worship, 2020
The Masks We Wear, 2020
Passions, 2020
Conquering Your Fears, 2019
Nature's Revenge, 2020