Xiaoyu Ren

My work explores the relationship between human being emotion and environmental light and shadow. Influenced by Qi Baishi and Fu Baoshi, and by learning traditional Chinese painting, I understand the important influence of artistic conception in painting. The space of a painting and the depth of the color can show different strong personal feelings. Different from the realism of Western painting, I tried to find the abstract expression of the gradual blurring form ink painting and add it in oil painting.

One of my works is about the wall of an ancient castle. I only used one color for this blocky wall, which is a color mix with brown, red and yellow. However, I didn't fill the whole picture, but left a mottled trace. This wall is an oppressed, stressful life. Its heavy weight makes me breathless. But the peeling wall shows my yearning for happiness and freedom. At the same time, let the painting have the sense of "breath" I have been fascinated by the uncertain expression since I was a child. Landscape painting draws on people's inner thoughts with the depiction and borrows of scenery. Everyone has a lot of different experiences, but by reading my paintings I hope that the audience can read my soul, I hope they can feel the same about my loneliness or happiness, anger or calm. And I think that some traditional elements are very important in modern art, and the combination of some traditional elements and modern painting methods will be more noticeable.

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