Pengbin Sun

Why is the material you are using important to your work?

Ballpoint pens offer me the challenge I want and make me capable of depicting great details without doing something like switching brushes. They also come in a few colors, which are just enough for me to render any color with proper hatching. Last but not least, they are easy to carry, which gives me more time to practice or work on pieces that are carried with me.

How does the “concept/ content/ technique” framework manifest in your work?

I’m obsessed with intricate designs/works, whether they are animate or not. Animals, as animate designs, are simply the wonders of this world although most people just take them for granted. They never care to know how rumination of bovidae works, how mosquitos suck our blood, and how geckos can walk on almost any surface - there’s beauty in them and that makes them true works of art. By creating images that please myself carefully using my own techniques, I exalt the beauty of nature.

I’d hope the viewers can take some time appreciating the beauty of nature without guessing and consequently misinterpreting the meaning behind my works.

What is your favorite color? And why?

Indigo - the color of denim, the fabric used to make jeans, which are worn by (or made for) cowboys and miners in the late 19th century. This very color resonates with my character, which I would describe as stoic.

Lepidoptera, ballpoint pen on watercolor paper, 6 x 9 in (x6)

Hyacinth Macaw, ballpoint pen on drawing board, 20 x 30 in

Howling, ballpoint pen on Bristol paper, 18 x 18 in


Guzzling, ballpoint pen on Bristol paper, 18 x 24 in