I am willing to bet one white rabbit candy, that you can pull aside any South East Asian, and the chances are, this iconic creamy milk candy wrapped in rice paper played an integral part to their childhood. Like vomit-tasting Hershey bars, the tier of this candy falls lower as I grow older, its saving grace the nostalgia tied to the memories made with it.

Manufactured by ShangHai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Ltd., and introduced to the world in 1943, its production was halted amid the 2008 China milk scandal, where over 300,000 babies suffered from milk products laced with melamine -- an industrial chemical that can cause pain and kidney failure. I didn't really question why my mom suddenly stopped purchasing these candies, but she did say they were bad for me. So at 21 years old, I'm running with that bit of information. Here is a comic strip, inspired by it all.

Maybe view it while trying some White Rabbit Candy.

Disclaimer : Now safe to consume.

Who ate it? Come around to our open studios next quarter (Spring 22), and view my painting on display to see what happened.


Pulling snippets from The Classic of Mountains and Seas, my mother's tall tales, Chinese and American folklore, my greatest fears, and everyday mundane occurrences, here are a couple illustrations from my pile of unfinished sketches. Until I get around to completing them, perhaps you can fill in the blanks with a bit of your own imagination.

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Vicki Huang is a multi-medium illustrator and graphic designer, double majoring in Studio Arts and Communications, with a minor in Design. Her artwork is thematically fluid with an emphasis on fictional storytelling. She encourages you to apply your own narrative to the imagery -- have fun with it!