Miranda May

Artist Bio:

Miranda May is an emerging artist based in Southern California. Working across sculpture and painting, May enjoys using unconventional materials such as live worms, rotting food and concrete in her work. Her practice is motivated by processing and unpacking childhood experiences in impoverished and abusive environments. Currently, May is exploring Mexican American blue collar laborers and the relationship between skin, love, and obsession. She is currently finishing her BA in Visual Art at the University of California San Diego with a minor in psychology.

Honors Video - subtitles.mp4

Andrew De La Luz - 1

Oil and acrylic on cardboard, concrete, and dried marigolds


Makeup foundation, acrylic, stretch-mark body oil, lotion, ink, glitter, lipstick, and color pencil on paper board.

Andrew De La Luz - 3

Orange safety vest, oil paint, gold leaf, concrete, cardboard

If you would like to see more of Miranda May's art, please follow her on Instagram @mirandamayart