Sculpture: Practices and Genre

VIS107B - Spring 2021

A studio course in which the students investigate a wider variety of technical and conceptual issues as well as materials involved in contemporary art practice related to sculpture.


Emily Randall, Operation: E.M.I.L.Y.

2021, CardboardsThis is about the storytelling of my times in isolation during the pandemic and art making at home, surrounding with my childhood plush toys.

Ezequiel Mora Mendez, Fishes

2021, videoFor my final I created a school of cardboard fishes in various sizes. I decided to project onto a wall images which worked as scenarios for the fishes. The wall where the projector was aiming had velcro strips and so did the fish, this way it allowed for an interactive piece of moving or positioning the fish wherever you see fit per image/scenario.

Grant Blades, Double Mediation

2021Drop-cloth, cardboard, thread, acrylic paint, and dyes
abstract energy.mp4

Isabella Castillo, Abstract Energy

2021, cardboard, tape, wire, blow dryerThis piece is constructed from painters’ tape, cardboard, and wire. I formed a geometric shape using triangles that are put together with a falling aspect to them. I was influenced to add kinetic energy to my piece to incorporate movement therefore, I used wire on the top as the mobility to my piece in order to be able to move the wire in a circular motion, using a blow dryer as a everyday household item as a form of a motor for my sculpture for the audience to engage in the movement.

Kiko Thomas

Video File.mp4

Michael Strombeck, Candid

2021, video ideally played on loop
A Seashell Fairy.3gp

Sayeh Dehestani

Power Hour.mp4

Victor Ballesteros, Power Hour

2021, video documentation, 7:37 minutes.Power Hour was a 60 minute live performance where I stacked and unstacked boxes in a specific order using written instructions and a diagram pinned to the wall. The title refers to a practice used by Amazon management to drive up productivity in their warehouses, exploiting the enthusiasm of the newly hired worker.

Thuyduyen Jenny Tran, There Are Predators In There

2021, imageThere Are Predators In There refers to the realities of student victims of educator misconduct at schools, specifically in grades K-12 . This leaves students vulnerable to their abuse of power to a method known as grooming. This cardboard cut out was made in the same way these school’s ASB students learned how to make posters and murals for school events and using the knowledge to speak against the school. The cut out was then placed and captured at the school.

Keywan Tafteh, Steel Eye

2021, photograph of painted cardboard, dimensions variable