VIS 130: Special Projects in Visual Arts - Love, Crush, Anger, Institution

Summer 2020

What does filmmaking look like as a daily practice? What kinds of filmmaking practices reflect daily experience, and can these also be practices through which we find forms for love and rage? VIS 130 (Summer 2020) has been a remote, special-topic production course, in which we’ve devoted one week to each of four subjects. In the short time frame of Summer Session 1, we created short moving image works addressing: 1) Someone or something you love, 2) Someone or something you have a crush on, 3) Someone or something you feel anger towards, and 4) An institution.

Ana Estrada

I Believe In the Skin of Things as in That of Women

2020, 1:39 minutes

The quote “I Believe in the Skin of Things as in That of Women” is a famous quote by architect Le Corbusier that describes commodity fetishism by comparing the fairness of a woman’s skin to that of material things. According to Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume One, it is in fact possible (under capitalism) to be infatuated, or have a crush on the material things around us. This critique is a satirical personal reflection on how I(we) interact with the material under capitalistic circumstances. At the end I reveal that even my own personal tools of analysis are parts of the same system that I try to contest.

References: Karl Marx, Capital, Volume 1. Chapter 1. The Fetishism of Commodities and Secret Thereof, 1867

Cynthia Brooks

Love You

2020, 1:41 minutes

This was a painting that I created as tribute to all my friends, family and loved ones to know and hear how I really thought of them and how thankful I am to them. I am speaking to the painting and I have hopes that I will be able to send them this video for them to keep and remember me by later on. I love them all. I loved this class but due to wifi connections and issues it has been challenging to say the least. We all don't know where we will be with covid 19 still going ground and more deaths but maybe there is a light somewhere for us.

Danting Wu

Girl’s Secret

2020, 2:50 minutes

Lisa Tichané, Someone found mom’s lipstick

Daxuan Wu


2020, 1:09 minutes

"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety." - W. Somerset Maugham

Erika Melendez

A Summary of 2020 with a side of Self Reflection (Dedicated to everyone stuck at home during COVID)

2020, 3:46 minutes

Hongyu Zhang

Childhood Love

2020, 1:18 minutes

Isabel Garcia

Growing (love for my garden)

2020, 2:17 minutes

Jiaxin Yu

Love Is The Moment

2020, 01:33 min

I want to convey some thoughts about love through this video. In this video, I used a lot of my daily videos and put them together. Every piece is precious to me and also very interesting. I hope I can always remember the feeling of being in love, treat the person around me well, and understand that love is every moment when I stay with the person I love.

Jingyi Ye

Dim Sum-Crush

2020, 3:12 minutes

Dim Sum is a delicious food, but to me it is not only a taste from my hometown, but also a feeling of my family.

Kelsey Treviño


2020, 2:35 minutes

Qinhui Lin

Black Lives Matter

2020, 2:27 minutes

Through the traditional Chinese culture calligraphy I want to represent the social incident of America. Through writing calligraphy and splash ink on the rice paper I want to express my anger emotion. The reason why I choose calligraphy as the way to protest with Black Lives Matter is that the color of calligraphy is black and the splash ink looks like the blood.

The Chinese character I write is “America.” Around 1:10 minutes. When I write the first character I hold the brush in the standard way, but when I switch to the second character, I hold the brush like a fist wants to protest to express my indignation.

Ruolin Li


2020, 3:37min

Colonization followed trade just as surely as capital required labor. - Gary Okihiro "Is Yellow Black or White?"

Shangchao Ning

Heart Palpitation (for Crush)

2020, 2:15 minutes

Stephanie Beltran

Morning Matcha

2020, 1:02 minutes

Tula Oliver

Striving to Re-unite the American Family: McDonald's Archive

2020, 2:56 minutes

Wanyi Lao

My High School in 2020

2020, 1:30 minutes

We are experiencing an extraordinary 2020, but the haze will eventually dissipate. When everything is over, I hope laughter can be heard everywhere.

Xiaotong Chen


2020, 2:23 minutes

Xu Chen

Catch The Moment

2020, 1:26 minutes

“To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.” -Henri Cartier-Bresson

Yvon Serov

мать Россия

2020, 1:41 min

Zhao Cheng

Yu in Mimi's memory

2020, 1:30 minutes

To those wonderful memories - We all experience wonderful things and meet different people throughout our lives. They may bring you happiness and fun times, but not everything will be with us all the time. In this video, I use cats to show that not all people or things will accompany you to the end, but they will surely leave you unforgettable memories.

Ziqi Zhuang

Covid-19 (for Anger)

2020, 1:02 minutes

It's like the end of the world, 2020.