Liam Morrill

Liam Morrill is a mixed media painter and digital artist based in San Diego and New York City. Their work is centered on relationships and the ambiguity of closeness. Their portrait paintings, primarily completed in oil with elements of acrylic, focus on the variety of relationships between people but deny the viewer an exact definition of what the extent of each relationship depicted is. The paintings include a level of mystery: are the figures family? Lovers? Friends? This ambiguity is reinforced through the juxtaposition of highly rendered greyscale faces and abstract line-work and color additions. His work typically exists both physically and digitally, as he reworks physical elements of his paintings into digital collages and gives each work a secondary life. The idea of closeness and intimacy can be complicated, diverse, beautiful, and at times messy. Liam hopes that his work serves as a catalyst for people to begin to rethink their own ideas and understandings of relationships and closeness and what they view as intimacy.

Issac and Sarah at Sunset Bluffs, 7:37 pm

Acrylic and oil on canvas with nails

December 2021

In his own words...

Process and exploration


Amanda and Sammie in Block Island, 11:32 am

Acrylic and oil on rabbit glue stretched canvas

September 2021

Tommy and Ivan on 10th and University Ave. , 1:56 am

Acrylic and oil on paper

December 2021

Mrs. Mendoza and Joshua in their home, 5:10 pm

Acrylic and oil on wood pannels


November 2021

Digital Work

Over the past year, Liam has been investigating how his physical paintings can come into the digital space. In his eyes, paintings can have another life and another identity as a digital work. He takes elements from his original painting and the process that went into them (paint palletes, specific brush strokes, canvas texture, etc.) and re-works them into a new digital collage.

Steven and Charlie back home, 9:30 am

Graphite, oil paint, and colored pencil on paper with digital manipulation

December 2021

Amanda and Sammie - (Reworked)

Acrylic and oil on rabbit glue stretched canvas with digital manipulation

October 2021

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Connor, Sharbat, and Dionne

Acrylic and oil on stretched canvas (Triptych), May 2020