Or No Side

Marisa DeLuca

Meditating on my home, Oceanside, California, and drawing on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi I represent notions of impermanence in physical spaces, asking questions about the future of the region. In conversation with my own source photography, my work seeks a connection between reality, illusion, and intuition. This body of work is interested in memory and temporality, and the feeling of melancholy and powerlessness one experiences navigating endangered urban spaces that are subject to the homogenizing force of gentrification.

The DressOil on canvas30"x28", 2021
Party in the DrivewayOil on canvas30"x30", 2020
Center Street CanvasOil on canvas28"x30", 2020
Crown Heights Community GardenOil on canvas20"x16", 2020
H&M Military SuppliesOil on canvas20"x16", 2021
The Bath HouseOil on canvas20"x20", 2021
Between Division and MissouriOil on canvas18"x24", 2020
Near Chavez ParkOil on canvas24"x18", 2021
Americanization SchoolOil on canvas24"x18", 2020
CavalierOil on canvas18"x24" 2020
Grant Street FenceCharcoal on paper24"x18", 2021
Old StringCharcoal on paper24"x18", 2021
Garfield and DivisionDigital Photograph12"X16", 2021
BehtayDigital Photograph12"x16", 2021