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Teenage Dream


Documentation of Exhibition: October 31 - November 9, 2023

As I endure the growing pains of entering adulthood, I have often grappled with the loss of my teenage girlhood. There is something so special to me about the intense emotions felt throughout adolescence whether that be heartbreak, loneliness, or love, and somehow everything feels like the end of the world. I spent my teens following my favorite artists on tour, sharing tender moments of doing my friend’s makeup before prom and doodling in my sketchbook during class. Throughout all of this, art was my way of documenting these moments.


With this exhibition, I want to showcase works that have explored the trials and tribulations of girlhood, specifically, teenage dreams. I enjoy expressing my deepest emotions through making art, and love experimenting with how to convey those emotions through experimental media. Adding child-like elements to my art preserves a bit of the teenage girlhood that threatens to leave me, and I always focus on imagination versus realism. Music also played a fundamental role in my upbringing, and each piece is attached to a specific song or album. I hope viewers can imagine their own younger selves in my work, and imagine the gallery as a teenage bedroom plastered with small representations of the thoughts occupying my brain.