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Daniel from MAB and Max from MVW have taken it upon themselves to research PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure of different animal mouths. This came about from Daniel's interest in the Mariana trench (

Surprisingly a human has 150psi. But check out these others! Good work boys, and a great self directed research project.l

great white shark and dolphin psi-4,000

saltwater crocodile psi-3,700

hippopotamus psi-1,800

wolf and jaguar psi-1,500


polar bear psi-1,200

hyena psi-1,100

tiger psi-1,050

lion psi-650

tassie devil psi-200

snapping turtle psi-8,000

leopard psi-300-310

nile crocodile psi-5,000

beaver psi-180

goose psi-84

alligator snapping turtle psi-1,000


What an animal in Ethan's backyard!

Thanks Ethan for sharing this great bit of science news! How lucky are we to have have a monotreme and a marsupial all in the one video!

Challenge Preps - Middles: If you can tell me what a monotreme is or a marsupial is, email me and I will share your answer here.

Some good perspective!

Live penguin Parade!


A giant moth belonging to the heaviest species of its kind in the world has been discovered at a primary school in south-east Queensland.

Builders at Mount Cotton State School discovered the giant wood moth on the building site of new classrooms at the school.

The school’s principal, Meagan Steward, said it was an “amazing find”.

“Our new building is situated on the edge of a rainforest and during the build the moth was found,” Ms Steward told ABC Radio Brisbane.

‘Each one is a story’: Wiradjuri Dreamtime lessons are written in the stars.