Hello Juniors,

Welcome to Performing Arts for Weeks 4-6. These activities are designed to cover approximately 3 hours of learning or 1 hour of Performing Arts per week. If you have any questions about any of the activities, please email me at epagonis@spadoreen.catholic.edu.au.

Remember to take your time when learning any of the music or drama related activities and to send through samples of your work so I can see that you are participating in the program. See you all soon!

Mrs. Pagonis

Drama Prep and Junior mov

drama activity

Click on the video above to participate in a fun Drama activity for today.


rhythm practice

Get ready to practice some rhythm patterns. Click on the video to join the lesson.

get back up again

We have started learning "Get back up again" in Performing Arts before the school holidays and we discussed as a class that this song makes us feel strong and confident. During weeks 4-6, I would like you to learn the second verse and try to sing the whole song from start to finish. Once you feel confident that you know how to sing the song well, then you can perform the song for your family. When we get back into the Performing Arts room, we will get to play the bucket drums and sing this all together as a class. I hope you have fun singing at home Juniors.

Get back up again.mp4

get back up again

Get back up again lyrics.docx

get back up again lyrics

Backyard Music Hunt (1).pdf

backyard music hunt

  • Using a piece of paper and a pencil, write down the answers to the following sounds I would like you to find/listen to in your very own backyard

ask a family member...

  • Ask a family member what their favourite type of music is

  • Some questions you could ask them include; Why is this your favourite type of music, how does this type of music make you feel, when do you like listening to this music, what is your favourite song, could you play me this type of music?

  • You can write your answers in any journal you might be using for your home learning tasks or type them on the computer. I would like to see your writing, so please send to my email address.

  • Click on the link above to play the music match games

  • Listen to each instrument as you reveal the card. Have you heard those instruments before? Which ones do you like the most?