Seniors - Term 3 Snap Lockdown



Write a script about...

Hello Seniors!

We have been developing our script writing skills in Performing Arts lately and you all did a great job on the script and musical excerpt task!

This time, I have given you specific characters and props in which I would like you to create a short script about. You don't need to match any music to it for this exercise, but you do need to send me a copy of your script to my email address. Extension challenge: Record a video of yourself acting out your script and show a clear difference in the voices of each character.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Mrs Pagonis.



Italiano in Performing Arts

How Music Affects Film #17 The Lion King.mp4

What if the "Lion King" had different music?

After watching this video, I'd like you use the See, Think, Wonder thinking routine to reflect on how different types of Music affected this well known scene from The Lion King. Did you like a particular example more than the others or the original music from the film? Email your reflection to

Snap Lockdown Rhythms - Google Docs.pdf

Snap Lockdown Rhythms

Fill out the table of rhythms with all the words and phrases that are about the "Snap Lockdown".

For every "Ta", replace with a word that has one syllable.

For every "Ti Ti", replace with a word that has two syllables.

I have included 3 examples on the page to the left.

Senior Extension Challenge: Once completing this table, can you write your own harder rhythm patterns to replace with lockdown phrases? (These patterns could include Tika-Tika, Tika-Ti, Ti-Tika, Za and Ta-a notes)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Please send your answers to


Seniors - Term 2 Snap Lockdown

Score to script project

Hello lovely Seniors! This term, we have started looking at how Music is used in film to persuade an audience.

This week, I have provided you with 5 different scores (a score is music which accompanies a movie). I would like you to use the "Play Script" template below to create a scene which suits one of the below musical scores. Please focus on creating a scene where the music enhances what the characters are saying. (For example; the Happy score might suit a scene at a birthday party, the Sad score might suit a scene about a friend moving to a different school or the inspired score might suit a scene where someone is about to take on the world!)

Take the time this week to begin this project and we will hopefully get to finish this in the classroom and perform our scripts to our classmates at a later date. You don't need to create a video, just a written scene on the provided template is all you need to do for now.

If you have any questions about this task, please send me an email on

Take care,

Mrs. Pagonis

Dramatic Score.mp4
Happy Score.mp4
Inspired Score.mp4
Suspense score.mp4
Sad Score.mp4