SPA Digital Discoveries

Welcome to Digital Discoveries

Hi Everyone - thanks for being so patient but it's finally here - The Digital Discoveries Page. The Digital Discovery Page is an 'extra' task especially designed for all SPA students who love a challenge (or if class teachers have directed you here). You can challenge yourself in three different ways. You can:




Sounds like fun but for every activity there is Thinking Routine for you to complete - see below.

Explore the possibilities. Use the web resources to inspire you.

We need a design or a plan or diagram

Create, make invent show the world your creation!

For each activity that you explore, design or create, you will need to show your thinking. There is a Thinking routine for each page. Scroll down on your page to a Comment section which requires you to share your thinking as part of a Thinking Routine. See below.

Something different - What Message does this video give you?