Middle - Term 3 Snap Lockdown


The Emoji challenge

Hello Middles,

As we get closer to the exciting SPATACULAR, you are going to hear a lot more about Drama and Acting. So today, I would like you to focus on developing the important acting skill; Facial Expression.

Task One:

To begin, stand in front of a mirror and practice the following Emoji face expressions. (I have provided an example of me doing these expressions below!). Once you have done this for a while, find a family member to show these expressions to and get them to guess what each emotion is. How many correct emotions did your family member guess?

Task Two:

Choose one of the following; Create a collage like I have below, send me individual pictures or record a video doing these expressions. You can send this to my email address

Task Three:

Choose one emotion and act out a scene where you might be feeling this way. For example; Happy - act out a scene where you are opening up the best Birthday present you have ever received. Act out your scene to your family!

Hope you enjoy the Emoji challenge!

Mrs Pagonis

Middle - Term 2 Snap Lockdown



Italiano in Performing Arts

The Middle instrument challenge...

Hello Middles! This week it's time to use your curiosity and get creative.

This week, the Preps and Juniors are busy trying to make a guitar from household items. However, I would like the Middle clan to do something even more INCREDIBLE and to create your very OWN musical instrument at home!

But here is the catch, the instrument that you create can't already exist... so it can't be a guitar... or a shaker... it has to something you have created that makes some type of sound. Can't wait to see your creations!

Snap Lockdown Rhythms - Google Docs.pdf

Snap Lockdown Rhythms

Fill out the table of rhythms with all the words and phrases that are about the "Snap Lockdown".

For every "Ta", replace with a word that has one syllable.

For every "Ti Ti", replace with a word that has two syllables.

I have included 3 examples on the page to the left.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Please send your answers to


Snap lockdown 2.MOV

Write a song about "Snap lockdown"

  • Writing your own song is a great way to be creative while expressing how you're feeling. Here is my song that I wrote with the help of Miss V and Chester.

  • This week, I'd like you to write a song (with or without instruments) about your time at home during lockdown.

  • Your song needs to have a verse, chorus and can be sung or even be a rap!

  • You may want to record your song and send me an email on and I might feature your song on the Performing Arts page next week!

  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! From, Mrs. Pagonis

Curiosity Project

If you have time, you can continue researching the topic you selected with your partner about "Something I'm curious about in Performing Arts", which we started last week. You may bring in your information when we are back at school and continue your poster at a later date. I have provided a link to a safe search website below so that you can continue researching your topic.