Senior Weeks 7-9

Hi there,

Welcome to the Performing Arts activities for Weeks 7-9. Once we are back in the classroom, we will be revising some of the activities, songs and dances of which have been on the Home Learning page this term. I can't wait to see what you have achieved while being at home. Take your time with each activity and feel free to try out any other year level's tasks once you have finished your own. If you have missed any of the activities from previous weeks, now might be a good time to catch up as well.

See you soon!

Mrs Pagonis.

kids dance video


  • Click on the video to learn a short dance routine

  • You may need to practice with this video a few times before you are confident to try it in front of the mirror on your own

  • Extension idea: You can teach this routine to a family member and record your dance. Send your recording to

Rhythm Practice 5and6.mp4

senior rhythm practice

  • Click on the video to complete the Senior Rhythm practice activity

  • You may like to complete the Middle video (on the Middle Weeks 7-9 page) if you feel like you are up for another challenge

  • Enjoy!

  • Click on the link above which will take you to the digital discoveries page

  • On this page you will see the link for the awesome program Auditorium

  • Take some time to explore this program

  • Click on the link above to create music with rhythms

I like the flowers.mp4

i like the flowers song

Click on the song video above to learn the flower song!

  • In the video, you can try singing along with me in a round OR

  • You can sing along to the actual song at the end of the video

  • Lyrics: I like the flowers, I like the daffodils, I like the mountains, I like the rolling hills, I like the fireside, When the lights are low, Boom dia dah (x4)


  • When on a walk with Mum or Dad around your neighbourhood, count how many different flowers you can find

  • Then, click on the mindfulness music video on the right and draw a picture of all the beautiful flowers you saw

Mindful music for drawing.mp4


  • Mindfulness music is so powerful, as it relaxes us and allows us to think and be calm.

  • Enjoy listening to this music while drawing your flowers. You may also like to sit in your backyard while listening to this music and drawing.