Junior Weeks 7-9

Hi there,

Welcome to the Performing Arts activities for Weeks 7-9. Once we are back in the classroom, we will be revising some of the activities, songs and dances of which have been on the Home Learning page this term. I can't wait to see what you have achieved while being at home. Take your time with each activity and feel free to try out any other year level's tasks once you have finished your own. If you have missed any of the activities from previous weeks, now might be a good time to catch up as well.

See you soon!

Mrs Pagonis.

Kids dance video

dance tutorial years 1-2

  • Click on the video to learn a short dance routine

  • You may need to practice with this video a few times before you are confident to try it in front of the mirror on your own

  • Extension idea: You can teach this routine to a family member and record your dance. Send your recording to epagonis@spadoreen.catholic.edu.au

Rhythm Practice 1and2.mp4

Junior rhythm practice

  • Click on the video to complete the Junior Rhythm practice activity

  • You may like to complete the Middle video (on the Middle Weeks 7-9 page) if you feel like you are up for a harder challenge

  • Enjoy!

  • Can you help Alice travel up the 12 musical steps? Click on the link above to play.

  • Begin on the Easy level and if you are up for the challenge, you may keep going and play on the harder levels too.

Barn dance story.mov

the barn dance story

Click on the video to hear Mrs. Pagonis reading a Micky Mouse and Performing Arts story


  • I would like you to have your own Barn dance party at home!

  • Firstly, make a cool invitation to invite members of your family to your party.

  • Before the party, choose 5-10 songs you would like to play at your party. With the help of Mum and Dad, you can find these songs online or play them from a CD player.

  • Then, during the party, you may like to play your family some rhythms you have learnt on a instrument from around your home.

  • You may like to dress up in your party clothes!

  • Finally, I would like you to perform the dance you learnt this week during the party and then teach it to your family as well.

  • Remember to take photos and have fun singing and dancing your heart out!