Prep - Term 3 Snap Lockdown



"Pretend to..." Acting the 5 senses

Hello Preps,

This term is going to be so exciting when we all get to perform on a stage as part of the SPATACULAR! Luckily for the Preps, we have already been learning and practicing how to act during Term 2 and all about using our face expression and body shapes.

Today, I would like you to continue working on your acting skills and pretend to do the following things (please click on the link to the left of this text). Remember to use your face expression and body when acting, but also remember to use your voice! What might you say if you touch a hot stove or what might you say if you taste your favourite lolly? etc.

Ask an adult to take a video of your acting and send to Have fun!

Mrs Pagonis

Prep - Term 2 Snap Lockdown



Italiano in Performing Arts

rainbow-oh (1).doc

The Rainbow Song

This week, I would like you to practice singing "Rainbow", which we began learning in Performing Arts. The lyrics to the song are listed above, so that Mum and Dad can help you remember the words (and maybe even join in too!) Happy singing Preps!

Make your own Guitar!

Did you know that making musical instruments can be pretty easy? This week, I would like you to try and make your own Tissue Box Guitar.

What you will need is;

  • An empty tissue box

  • Some stickers or markers for decoration

  • 6 rubber bands

To make your Tissue Box guitar, simply decorate your empty tissue box however you like and then place the six rubber bands around the tissue box, making sure that there is space between each band. You might like to try different types of rubber bands (some thin ones and some thicker ones) to see if they make higher and lower sounds.

Take a picture of your tissue box guitar and send to



Flashcard cherades

Hello Preps! This term we have started learning about Drama and what we need to remember when acting as a character. When we are acting, we need to focus on;

  • Facial expression - changing our face and emotions to look like the character or object we are pretending to be

  • Voice - What does this character sound like?

  • Body shape - making our bodies move in a way that the character would or transforming into the shape of an object

This week I would like you to change your face, voice and body to become each of the characters or objects that you see on the flashcards to the left of this page. As you become each character, see if your family can guess who you are acting as. Make sure not to give away any clues and have fun!

Kodaly hand sign practice!

This week, I would like you to practice your hand signs and focus on singing from low to high.

You can do this by performing to your family, starting with the hand signs and then singing the "Do at your belly button song".

If you would like to share your singing with me, you can send a video to