Hello Preps,

Welcome to Performing Arts for Weeks 4-6. These activities are designed to cover approximately 3 hours of learning or 1 hour of Performing Arts per week. If you have any questions about any of the activities, please email me at

Remember to take your time when learning any of the music or drama related activities and to send through samples of your work so I can see that you are participating in the program. See you all soon!

Mrs. Pagonis

Drama Prep and Junior mov

drama activity

Click on the video above to participate in a fun Drama activity for today.


rhythm practice

Get ready to practice some rhythm patterns. Click on the video to join the lesson.

Try everything

During term one in Performing Arts, we began learning "Try Everything". We only got to learn the first verse and chorus of the song before the school holidays, so I would like you to keep learning the rest of the song during weeks 4-6 at home. I have provided the song file and the words, so that you can read through the lyrics with Mum/Dad while you listen to the song. I can't wait to sing and play along to this wonderful song once we are back in the Performing Arts room.

Try Everything.mp4

Try Everything

Shakira – Try Everything.docx

Try Everything lyrics

Backyard Music Hunt (1).pdf

backyard music hunt

  • Using a piece of paper and a pencil, write down the answers to the following sounds I would like you to find/listen to in your very own backyard

sing and wash

  • It's very important to wash your hands for 20 seconds throughout the day

  • Practice singing Happy Birthday two times when you wash your hands today

  • You can choose a different song each day

  • Click on the link above to make some music with your favourite monsters!