Tech Soccer Team 1959 / 60

Item courtesy of : Ivan (Spadger) Sparrow -1957to '60

Brian Hemuss –Pete Rowlands – Dougie Waterhouse (Goalie) – Pete Hughes – Pete Bullen

Tom Gomm – Harry (Nobby) Styles – Ivan (Spadger) Sparrow (Capt) – Bob Gomm – Lonnie Winsper – Keith (Horny) Horne

Mike (Nutty) Nutkins – Bob (Hodgey) Hodge – Andy Reynolds

“One of our matches was an away game against a very good team, Princes Risborough Secondary School, and by half-time we were something like 2–1 down. It was one of the rare occasions when Mr Bissett actually came with us as team coach.

At the half-time whistle we tiredly walked over to the side-line hoping to hear - ‘Have a drink and a suck on an Orange’- but no such luck. Mr Bissett was straight to the point and in his crisp Welsh accent said, “You lads can win this – demoralise them!!”

So - whilst the other side was having ‘a breather and refreshment’, we commenced a “Bissett Little Run” around the side-lines until the second half was called by the Referee , upon which we ran back onto the field to our positions. Did it work? You bet your (soccer) boots it did. – We won the match!!!

What was the final score? Who knows – we were all too ‘cream crackered’ to care or even remember!”

“Quit Ye Like Men” - Too right we did !!!